AGRI House

The AGRI House can be described as the AGRI Shelter’s big brother. It is ideal for livestock housing and storage on the larger scale.

The curved roof allows for excellent air flow, this prevents the build up of stale air, creating the ideal environment for livestock.  The PVC membrane roof reduces condensation due to the lower heat transmission between the air and the roof cladding. The PVC membrane has a 15 – 20 year life, with a coating to protect against UV damage.

With a choice of two ventilation options, excellent air flow can be maintained within the AGRI House. Both styles can be clad with an alternative steel roof cladding in place of the PVC membrane (additional steel framework may be required).

Various cladding options are available for the external walls and/or internal divisions. Gates, feed barriers and doors can be fabricated to meet your needs.

The concept is to provide a building with the flexibility of uses offered by a portal frame design whilst at a price more usually associated with a polytunnel.

Main uses:

  • Animal housing
  • Calf housing
  • Fodder storage
  • Vehicle and machinery storage

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Standard Specification:

  • Universal column uprights
  • Heavy duty hot dipped galvanised frame
  • Long life heavy weight PVC fabric membrane roof
  • Front and rear PVC gutters

Available in three standard widths: 

  • 10 m (33′)
  • 12 m (40′)
  • 20 m (66′)

Manufactured to any length required.

Optional extras:

  • Gates
  • Feed barrier
  • Walk through feed troughs
  • Feed racks
  • Doors
  • Altered cladding
  • Concrete panels
  • Phenolic plyboard
  • Paneltim
  • And many more …