Our canopies and walkways can be tailored to your needs, with each design bespoke to your site. At Ellipse Fabrications we believe no job is too awkward or difficult, because all our designs are custom made, designed and manufactured to order, so will cover what you require.

Standard Specification:

  • 50 mm & 60 mm diameter galvanised steel tube
  • 50 mm diameter ridge tube
  • straight sides at 1.7 m 2.3 m
  • Cross & Knee bracing
  • Steel & Aluminium end frames
  • Aluminium grip rails fitted to gutters
  • Heavy duty galvanised steel gutters

Five standard widths 

  • 5.5 m (18′)
  • 6.4 m (21′)
  • 7.3 m (24′)
  • 8.2 m (27′)
  • 9.1 m (30′)

Optional Extras:

Roll up sides and ends, steel and polycarbonate doors, roof ventilation  and many more.

Materials: Where possible we source our materials from UK suppliers and are proud supporters of British Industry. After 25 years in the business, we know good materials when we see them and source the highest quality materials.

Steel: We source all our steel from North East suppliers and manufacture all steel work in our factory in Barnard Castle, based in the heart of Teesdale, North East England. Our team has over team has over 25 years experience in fabrication and steel frame manufacturing.

Timber: Here at Ellipse we source our timber locally and utilise a variety of types in our designs. This includes Glue Laminated Timber (Glulam). Glulam can undergo higher bending stress than solid wood and is therefore, ideal for creating aesthetically pleasing, curved roof structures.

Triple Walled Polycarbonate: Coated against UV degradation, longterm weather durability, lightweight and strong; polycarbonate is ideal for roof glazing applications that require a long life (15 year guarantee)

PVC Fabric Membrane: Our designs utilise PVC fabric membrane roof cladding. A lightweight, durable, weather resistant and UV resistant material; fabric membranes provide and alternative to traditional roof cladding materials.