Teesdale Haven

  • The Balder is a unique registered design originating from our Agri Shelter® registered design. A twist on a traditional Shepherds hut but with some of the extras more commonly associated with glamping pads. All structures are custom built to order allowing you to adapt to any purpose and all specifications.
  • The structure is mounted on a steel chassis with steel wheels, structure is towable as it is fitted with a tow bar to allow the structure to be moved around a field or garden etc.
  • The framework itself is a Glulam timber curved structure beautifully finished to again maintain the natural feel. The structure is fully insulated using two sheets of 50mm foiled back rockwool insulation within both the floor and roof. The internal walls are tongue and groove softwood boards, are insulated with 50mm thick solid insulation board either Celotex or Kingspan or other such similar products. The structure is clad with pressure treated timber shiplap boards to fit into natural surroundings with all external corners being trimmed with aluminium flashing to accentuate the contemporary feel to the structure.  To allow for the insulation in the roof, a twin skin system has been used with a white PVC material on the internal layer with a PVC over layer on the external layer. The outer skin can be supplied in a large array of colours based on the individual’s preference. The white is used internally to allow for as much light as possible, this may also be altered should this be required. With the use of the PVC material, unlike traditional Shepherd’s hut, there is next to no rattle during heavy rain.
  • Aluminium guttering is fitted on both the front and back of the structure matching the aluminium handrail. Double glazed opening windows used, with the option of different sizes and frames in a colour of your choice. Having the veranda provides a space to allow for enjoyment of the outdoors during meal time or to allow an unobstructed view for artists but some protection provided.
  • The current model example has a leisure battery fitted to power the lights however this could be altered should electric hook ups or a higher amount of electricity be required. Also a solar pack will be used to allow a constant trickle of energy to the battery to prevent the battery becoming flat. When standing inside you get a feel for the amount of space which is very deceptive from the outside. The use of a day bed comes in to play as it allows for the most use of the space as it can be used as both a bed and a sofa on the smaller size structures. Because of the shape of the roof, there is plenty of head height room so even the tallest of people will be able to appreciate the structure. Further storage shelves can be fitted.
  • All our structures are made to order so can be altered and adapted based on each individual requirement. The changes can be as simple as the colours of the walls, floor, outside or roof to the layout of the structure to include items such as a separate bedroom, kitchen living room, bathroom etc. As everything is made in house we are able to change the size of the structure to allow for the different options.

Main uses:

  • Glamping accommodation
  • Garden room
  • Office
  • Bolt hole
  • Business opportunities
  • Home away from home

What would you use yours for?

Please note this price is dependent on how each structure is fitted and finished.

Contact us for a free quote and bespoke design.

Standard Specification:

  • Fulling insulated with 50mm or 100mm insulation
  • Pressure treated shiplap timber boarding
  • Glulam timber framework
  • Painted to your requirements
  • Twin skin long life heavy weight PVC fabric membrane roof
  • Front and rear aluminium gutters
  • Standard size 8′ width by 12′ internal length 16′ full length with outside area

Optional extras/ bespoke products:

  • Colour of structure
  • Colour of roof
  • Shower room
  • Kitchen area
  • Log burning stove
  • Larger structure size are available
  • Fully furnished or completely basic for you to furnish to your needs

Should you wish to discuss any design options please contact us and we will be more than happy to help design a structure to your specification.