Poly Potter

  • Poly Potter has been designed by Ellipse Fabrications Ltd. It is a unique design, combing the profile of a classic pitched roof potting shed or greenhouse with a polytunnel. The Poly Potter is ideal for allotments and small gardens.

The pitched roof and straight sides allow a more versatile use of space, particularly when combined with benching or staging.

The base and framework of the structure used aluminium and galvanised steel work instead of timber as seen with some polytunnels.

All the structures can be adapted to the individual’s needs e.g. mesh shelving units, solid galvanised steel shelving units etc.

Main uses:

  • Potting shed
  • Growing fruit
  • Growing vegetables
  • Growing herbs
  • Cultivation of plants

Pricing starts at £346.45 +VAT.

Contact us for a free quote and bespoke design.

Standard Specification:

  • Aluminium cladding rail extrusion framework
  • Bespoke corner brackets
  • Wiggle wire
  • Lumisol diffused polythene sheet
  • 1 single Polycarbonate sliding door

Optional extras:

  • 2nd single Polycarbonate sliding door
  • Single Polycarbonate hinged doors
  • Mesh shelving
  • Solid galvanised shelving
  • Ventilation