Meet Our Team

Ellipse Fabrications Ltd are a professional friendly company owned and run by staff with over 25 years direct experience in both the agricultural and horticultural sectors. Our team has its roots firmly in the agricultural and horticultural sectors, enabling us to work from first-hand experience when designing, fabricating and delivering the product to our customer.

Stuart Metcalf - Director

Stuart is owner and director of Ellipse Fabrications Ltd. His skills and experience lie in design, fabrication and installation of structures and polytunnels for both the commercial and private sector. Stuart has over 25 years direct experience in the sector but his knowledge and experience go further back than that! As a 4th generation farmer Stuart has a practical working knowledge of the agricultural and horticultural sector, combined with an agricultural engineering degree. Stuart specialises in designs with a curved roof, with extensive experience in polytunnels, commercial garden centres and curved roof structures.

Julie Metcalf - Co-Director & Image Coordinator

Julie (Stuart’s wife) takes on the role of keeping the team ship shape and tidy! Keeping our team clothed and our offices clean Julie does an exceptional job keeping the Ellipse brood in order and well presented.

George Wilkinson - Workshop Foreman

George is Stuart’s right hand man; he can be found on the workshop floor ensuring your product is being fabricated to the highest standard & running the day to day management of the workshop team. George joins Stuart in over 10 years fabrication experience and roots in the agricultural industry from childhood!

Joanne Wilkinson - Admin & Sales

Joanne (George’s wife) heads up our office team keeping Ellipse Fabrications running smoothly. She is charge of the day to day running of Ellipse, keeping our paperwork up to date and our team in order! As part of our sales team, Joanne can help to build a quote to suit your needs and answer any questions.

Christine Alderson - Sales/Estimator

Our newest member of the sales team, Christine is in the office and on hand to create quotations based on your individual specification. She can also be found with our sales team out and about at a range of shows! She’s there to answer any questions and chat about our products. She also runs our marketing to make sure you are up to date with our product range

Steve Matthews - Production

Steve can be found undertaking a multitude of tasks on the workshop floor, under the watchful eye of George!

Phil Coates - Project Manager

Phil, having many years of experience running sites and managing projects, Phil is in charge of making sure jobs are completed within the agreed timescale and to a high standard. He will be found in the office and onsite as each job dictates and may also be found driving the wagon when the need arrises.

Philip Brookes - Site Supervisor

Phil, having many years of experience working on many different sites across the country, brings all his experience with him to build your structures to the highest possible standard. He is also there to over see our site crew to make sure they are all kept on task and time frames met.

David Darke aka Willie - Site erector

Willie has been in the construction business for many years and when not on site can be found driving our truck.

Andy Worth - Site erector

Andy can be found on our sites constructing your products and designs, undertaking a range of tasks with his sidekicks Zippy and George!

Blake Winter - Site erector

Blake is on hand to help build our structures, whilst being the youngest member of the team he is still eager to learn.

Josh Young - Site erector

Josh has been constructing tunnels for a number of years and hopes to build upon his range of skills within the construction industry.